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Natural Cycle-IVF

Natural Cycle-IVF

A Natural cycle IVF is exactly the same as regular IVF, except that no drugs are used to stimulate the mother’s egg production, so the egg used for fertilisation is the one that the body has selected naturally. With this natural selection, we hope that the egg collected will be of high quality resulting in a high quality embryo.

How does natural cycle IVF work?

With conventional IVF treatment the woman is given drugs to stimulate her ovaries to produce more eggs, whereas in natural cycle IVF no fertility drugs are administered. The woman’s cycle is still closely monitored and the egg that has been selected by the ovaries to be released for potential fertilisation is then removed when it reaches maturity.

The egg is then inseminated by performing IVF or injected by performing ICSI in the embryology lab. If fertilisation takes place, the embryo is left for one or two days to mature, before being placed in the mother’s womb.


Why choose natural cycle IVF?

There are many reasons for choosing natural cycle IVF. Many women prefer not to take drugs which interfere with the body’s natural cycle, and feel that the egg that has been naturally selected by the ovaries has a better chance of both being fertilised and implanted into the womb.

Another benefit of natural cycle IVF is that there is no need for a rest period between cycles. With regular IVF, the effect of the fertility drugs used to boost egg production means that it is important to take a break of three or four months between attempts. With natural cycle IVF, you can go through the process on a monthly basis, should you wish.

Avoiding the use of drugs also minimises the risk of any side effects, such as Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, and a lot of the women we see in our clinic feel very strongly that they wish to keep the process of conception as natural and non-invasive as possible. Our team understands that every couple is unique and as such has unique requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment when it comes to making a baby.

Natural cycle IVF can take longer to achieve success than regular IVF treatment, which means it is especially important that you are comfortable with the team that is treating you, as well as with the clinic environment.

We aim to help you feel supported and confident throughout the IVF journey, delivering the exceptional standard of care that you deserve.


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